Prince Edward Island, Dwayne Miller.

Dwayne Miller or “Salmon Chaser” as he is known, was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. Dwayne fishes the Morell River, the West River and sometimes the Margaree River in Cape Breton.
Dwayne is very active in supporting the environment that the Atlantic Salmon inhabit on PEI . When he is not fishing Dwayne is active in too many other aspects of the sport to mention here. Suffice it to say, you will travel many miles before you find another fly fisher who is as well experienced.
dwayne started fishing at the age of 5 years and discovered Atlantic Salmon in 1988, an addiction he continues to feed.
In Dwayne’s own words:

I am a happily married father of two and my kids, I am happy to report have a great interest in flyfishing and tying. I started a flytying/guiding business in 1996 that fills in nicely between my real career as a commercial lobsterman. I am an outspoken individual when it comes to conservation of species,particularly Salar, and have been 100% Catch and release for close to 20 years. I can also boast that I have never killed an Atlantic Salmon, something I am very proud to say. Recently my business (Fly Fish The Island) was recognized by the Atlantic Salmon Federation with a “commitment to live Release” certificate. Something I am also very proud of.
My friend(and mentor) Scott Mitchell started me off one winter tying a few for the up coming spring season. I hooked and landed my first salmon on a fly i tied myself. I’ll never forget Scotty for the path he started me on!!!
I have aways followed the creed of the salmon tyer in that I like a durable fly and a little fuller profile. I like the mantra that your hook should rust before the fly comes apart. I think what my flies bring to the sport is quality, and soul. I like that my flies and my style of tying have been born out of 100’s of days on the water and figuring out what seems to work and what is just hype. As an example I can say that a neat head is a must(for durability) head size is just a selling point,, nothing more. Some tyers that have made a mark on my style were Poul Jorgenson and Warren Duncan.
Published works : Being included in Don Macleans “A Little Thing I Tied Myself”
Signature Line : Your conduct on a salmon river speaks volumes as to who you are as a person

Dwayne stepped in to help when an individual Soldier contacted us and asked if we could place him in a program. I told Dwayne about him and a few short months later when the Charlottetown Fly Tyers began their winter meetings, Dwayne took him along.
Dwayne Miller is our guy on PEI.