Newfoundland News

Newfoundland has an active and lively Project Healing Waters program which has been operating since 2011. Currently, the Director of the Program is Ryan Edwards, a veteran himself.


Ryan Edwards, Newfoundland

For those of you new to our website or indeed, looking to know more about Newfoundland’s program, here are some brief facts:

  • Newfoundland’s program started with four members and now there are eleven –  no doubt more to come!
  • The group has gone on two Atlantic Salmon trips and many small trout trips.
  • It is the only chapter in Canada that meets on a weekly basis!
  • The group members tie flies and build rods in the winter season.
  • The Program has evolved their chapter into a peer support group.

Here is Ryan, on a trip to Denver, Colorado, where he fished with members of the U.S. Project Healing Waters program from that city.


Salmon fishing

Below is a group shot of members of the Newfoundland Project Healing Waters program on an outing to a place called Pipper’s Hole, two hours north of where the group meets. This was the first trip to fish for salmon. Ryan brought along a bottle of Champagne and during lunch the group toasted their fallen brothers.


Newfoundland Project Healing Waters group toasts their fallen brothers

If you want to know more about the group and/or are interested in volunteering, you can find Ryan’s contact details here. The group also has a Facebook page.

Canadian Army article

Canadian Army article

Military veterans at Ottawa Fly Casting Clinic, Ottawa River

A Canadian Army article online features PHWFF Canada and the work it does to help rehabilitating military veterans.

Written by Helen Bobat, from the Canadian Army’s Public Affairs department, and published on their website on July 11th, 2014, as well as tweeted to the Army’s Twitter account followers, the article talked about the Project and shared interviews undertaken with some of the veterans who have been through the program.

Many thanks to Kurt and Carol for taking the time to share their experiences. It is great to have others hear their stories and their positive responses to the Project. Hopefully anyone considering coming to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada, but who previously had doubts, will now feel encouraged to contact us.

You can find the article at this link and also on our News page.



Thank You RCL

Thank You RCL

Royal Canadian Legion staff Bruce Poulin and Carolyn Gasser with National Co-Ordinator Andre Baril

A big ‘Thank You RCL’ is due to the Royal Canadian Legion for their recent grant donation to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.

NationaI Co-ordinator Andre Baril met with the Canadian Legion Dominion Command earlier this year. A request was lodged for Healing Waters sponsorship in order to buy the necessary fly fishing equipment for our Wounded veterans.

PHWFFC was delighted to receive a grant for $14,000, which will serve to buy complete fly fishing kits. These kits will be provided, at a discount, by Springbrook Canada, a Canadian provider for Temple Fork Outfitters fly fishing equipment.

All rods bear the Healing Waters logo, can be used for all species from trout to salmon, and are given for free to keep by our Wounded.

It is not so much the gift of a free rod that Healing Waters Canada provides, but the added value of a lifelong therapeutic skill that will help our Wounded heal.

The plan is to minimize administration for the Canadian chapters so we will deliver kits instead of grant money. These will go to those Program directors who have most need at this time: 40 kits for Ontario, approximately 20 kits for NB and NS, and 5 kits for BC.

Again, thank you to the RCL – we can’t wait to make use of the kits during the next few months.

New Program Directors

New Program Directors are always a ‘good news’ story here at Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada. So it’s exciting for us to be able to announce that four new volunteers have joined us in the past couple of months. They will be leading a program in the following areas/provinces:

Dave Mountain, New Program Directors

Dave Mountain, British Columbia

Tom Adamchick, New Program Directors

Tom Adamchick, Petawawa, Ontario

Terence Ward – Nova Scotia (no image)

New Program Directors

Ed Goguen, New Brunswick

Their contact details are available on our website here.

A very warm welcome is extended to all – thank you for offering your help. More volunteers can only mean more opportunities to help our veterans participate in fly fishing and fly tying activities. If any other potential volunteer is still thinking about helping but hasn’t made a decision, please consider having an informal chat with a member of the PHWFFC staff about what we do, and where & how you can help. We look forward to meeting/seeing Dave, Tom, Terrence and Ed on outings in the coming months.

Twitter Update

Twitter Update (Twitter Logo)

Courtesy of Twitter

Today we’re excited to announce a Twitter update.

After a long hiatus with our earlier (soon to be closed) Twitter account, we are now re-launching Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada on Twitter!

We have a new Twitter account and ‘handle’. You can find us on Twitter @CanadaPHWFF.

Be sure to follow us as we Tweet about our program activities for veterans, fly fishing, fly tying and lots of other interesting news!

You will also be able to see our Tweets right here on the front page of our website.

Looking forward to Tweeting with you!